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About Bearded Dragon:

Bead dragon are the original lizards in Australia, which are kept as pets. These reptiles got their names because of their behavior and body in the shape of their skin, especially in the part under their throats, which looks like a living. Bearded dragons are the ones who eat vegetables and insects, the bearded dragon is considered a reptile and one of the most popular pets.

The bearded dragon (also known as the dragon) is found naturally in Australia, but bearded dragon are kept as exotic pets in many places around the world.

  •  It is natural that you want to love your pet when you raise a bearded dragon, and a bearded dragon can feel a feeling towards you if you care for it. You can consolidate your relationship with your animal by providing a safe and good home.

1- Provide a good house :

– What is a reptile house: A reptile house is a wooden basin with a glass façade and must have a tight lid and smooth sides to prevent the dragon from harming its nose.

– Look for a basin that is easy to clean. The ponds shall be insulated with waterproof insulation and shall ensure that the elements are covered with the gentle paste. [1]

– Be sure to leave the basin dry for a week before putting the bearded dragon in his home if you isolate him from the water yourself. [2]

– Make sure there is enough space to move the dragon and climb up and sit on the branches. [3]

– Clean your animal house well and regularly [4]

– Remove any vegetables that were not eaten within four hours and remove the insects that were not eaten at the end of the day. [5]

2 – Use a water basin, and you can buy a bearded dragon basin:

– The bearded dragon can live in a 37 to 55 liter aquifer while adult animals need a basin of 203.5 to 222 liters. Aquifers are a better solution in the short term as it is difficult to regulate their temperature.

3 – proved a good pillar:

–  The substrate is the material that fills the bottom of the pelvis and will dig your animal. Choose a substrate that looks natural and the dragon feels that in its home, try to find a non-toxic substrate that can be safely digested because the bearded dragon may eat parts of it by mistake.

  1. Provide adequate furniture:

– Add a snorkel to climb. Prepare the dragon space as a “reptile hideout”, a closed area where the dragon can hide from you, and will use this place for long periods of sleep.

  • Improve your relationship with the bearded dragon by sponsoring it :
  1. Feed the dragon with your hand: One way to form a bond with the bearded dragon is to serve him directly. You have to do this from time to time but not so much that it depends on you.
  2.  Bearded Dragon Lava: will help to keep the dragon moisturized by its adaptation as it absorbs the dragon water from the pores.
  3.  Choose a stress-free environment: You should try to reduce the stress levels of the bearded dragon to be healthy. Extreme tension can lead to hostility. Reduce noise levels in your home when the bearded dragon sleeps, and when you decide to hide, this may indicate a desire for unity. Try to respond to his behavior and avoid disturbing him unless there is an urgent need for it.

4- Take the bearded dragon to the veterinary doctor: The bearded dragon must undergo an annual examination like any other pet. Also make an appointment with your veterinarian if you feel that he is behaving in an unfamiliar way. Mites are a common problem faced by a bearded dragon as it absorbs its blood. How to Take Care of Mud Turtle. Only a veterinarian is able to determine that by checking the dragon and see if he is really sick or not.

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